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Laminate Vinyl Plank Flooring

Extreme resilience, Beautiful appearance, Simple maintenance

Natural wood appearance at an unnatural cost.

One of the widest regarded benefits to Laminate Vinyl Plank is how affordable it is in comparison to other floor coverings. Additionally this product was specifically engineered to withstand cracking/scratching, color fading, as well as the material itself being 100% waterproof. Compared to hardwood floors which cost much more and can be scratched up easier, we are seeing more and more customers make the transition from real hardwood to the new manufactured version, LVP. Are you looking for luxury flooring at a discounted price that is going to last you for years to come? Laminate Vinyl Plank might be the option for you. If you are having trouble in deciding what material is best for your’ home we would be happy to point you in the right direction, just give us a call!

Quick & easy laminate flooring installation

With LVP, depending on the size of the project, our installers can have your floors ripped up and replaced in as little as one day. By far the fastest installation that we do, if you are in a rush to get the floors done this may be a noteworthy option. Additionally, with LVP being a manufactured material they have engineered numerous styles and patterns to accommodate for nearly every situation. Here are 57 different styles of laminate flooring to help you get an idea on the variety of options that you have.

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TyTheFloorGuyLLC has been in the flooring scene for a long time, as a matter of fact I was born into the trade!

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Over the years of dedicated work, TyTheFloorGuyLLC has acquired the skills and knowledge to be mentioned as the best in Destin & Panama City Florida.

Here are a few pros to choosing laminate flooring

We believe that laminate flooring is a fantastic option for anyone. It is affordable, easy to install, and looks great. Although it may be substantially cheaper than other flooring materials, it still has so many benefits that people overlook. Here are a few more reasons on why you may want to choose laminate flooring

In conclusion, laminate flooring makes for a fast install and easy maintenance. If you want a quality floor but tile or hardwood don’t fit in the budget, LVP could be a great option for you. At TyTheFloorGuyLLC we are prepared to do everything we can to give our customers the highest quality product that fits in their budget.

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TyTheFloorGuyLLC has over a decade of flooring installation experience. You can most definitely count on us to install your new floors flawlessly.

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Laminate Flooring Installation FAQ's

Things the homeowner can do in preparation for install:

Move EVERYTHING off of the furniture and desks that will need to be moved for installation(i.e. TV’s, pictures, valuables, nic nacks and so on), and put it somewhere that will be out of the way.

Where to keep the material once you purchase it:

it's okay to keep it outdoors in a garage or storage as long as it's out of the direct weather. In the days leading up to the install the material needs to be moved inside to be acclimated to the appropriate temperatures of your house.

Where is the best place to purchase your flooring:

Your local flooring shop or supply warehouse, I do not recommend Home Depot or Lowe’s if you're looking for a higher quality product.


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