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Highest quality stair flooring installation that Destin Florida has to offer

Destin Stair Flooring Installation

Looking for a stair flooring installation in Destin? Done specifically by a top quality flooring company? Ty The Floor Guy LLC has the best stair flooring installation services Destin & Panama Florida has to offer. Every step that we install is precisely cut to fit the angles of your walls perfectly. If you are tired of hearing a squeak with every step give Ty The Floor Guy a call and have your stairs redone in no time.

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Born into the trade, with over 10 years of experience and knowledge with all things flooring related, I know exactly what is required to satisfy every customer.

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Not only are we greatly dedicated to delivering the best flooring services possible, but we take serious pride in our work. When we step on site there is nothing that can’t be done.

Stair Flooring Options and Applications

There are a variety of combinations that you can select from for how you want your stairs to look. The most common variations being that with a prefab stair tread and white faceplate, or covering the entire stair with the selected flooring material, and capping it with a bullnose.

 Those however, are not all that you are limited to. If you want to get a little more fancy with it, you could swap the white faceplate with a matching tile to accent your color scheme a bit better. With that concept in mind, relative to the project we can turn your imagination into its reality.

The most common materials used for stairs:

Overall, the transformation from an old, outdated staircase to a fresh new one can make the world of difference to your home. No more squeaks and creaks when walking down the stairs. If you are in the process, or looking to get your stairs redone hopefully this information has served some use.

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We have a long track record of high quality workmanship and dedication. Check out our projects page as well as our google reviews to see for yourself!

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Being in the flooring industry for so long, we have been able to work with many different companies, big and small. Whether it be commercial, industrial or residential our team can handle it all!

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Stair Flooring Installation FAQ's

How long should I wait to walk on freshly installed stairs?

A minimum of 48-72 hours, your flooring professional will clarify to you once the install has been completed

How long does the installation take:

Typically it's a 1-2 day job to have it finished and ready for traffic.

Can you put Laminate Vinyl Plank on a staircase:

Yes they make bullnose and stair nose caps that go on the corner of each tread, but they also make prefabricated vinyl stair treads.


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