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When we take on a new tile flooring project, the most important factor for us is getting the project done exactly how you envisioned it. First we will gather an understanding of your vision, then we will go over what the process is going to look like and clarify any specifics such as layout or pattern, grout joint size, pattern and so on. 

Keeping you informed of any imperfections or issues with the job, that way you know exactly how your floors were done and that they were done with care, and attention to even the smallest of details. 

Some examples of what we may ask you in preparation for a project include: Where are you wanting the install done? What format (Tile size and type) are you thinking about? How would you like the layout of the tile to look (What direction)? In due time we will have the perfect plan for your tile flooring project.

High end tile flooring for the long run.

There are too many instances I’ve run into where a customer hires an unprofessional tile setter and two weeks later I’m over there ripping out a $20,000 shower. Obviously nobody wants this to be them, but if you’re not careful in your selection of a tile contractor this could happen to you. Whether it be lack of knowledge, or just plain poor quality of work, tile requires knowledge and experience to be done properly. 

Ty The Floor Guy LLC will always follow the TCNA guidelines to guarantee a perfect job, every time. We will always be transparent throughout the project and communicate fully with all of our customers. Our ultimate goal is quality, our projects will last our customers for years to come! 

We ensure quality tile installation

I maintain very specific standards for myself as well as my team. We take every precaution necessary in preparing the substrate and identifying any imperfections.

We are a dedicated flooring company

In today's workforce it's seemingly unheard of to find a worker that provides exactly what you were expecting at a quality that was unexpectedly well.

Why you should get your tile flooring installation done with us.

Customer Support

My first and main priority is the customer, so if there is any form of issue or mistake with our work you can count on the fact that we will be right there to fix and mend anything necessary to accommodate you.

 Guaranteeing your work seems to be a lost concept these days, but thanks to Ty The Floor Guy, our customers can be comfortable knowing we go to every extent to provide the highest quality service, as well as backing that service to the fullest extent.

We work with lots of different types of people and businesses. We work quick and efficient to assure no time is being wasted. Everyday that we are working we are making progress to a finished flooring project. Although we work fast, this doesn’t affect out quality of work. without a doubt you will be surprised and very pleased with the end result in every way.

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10+ years of flooring experience

Expert levels of experience, hundreds of completed projects. We are the flooring company you need to get the job done.

Ongoing customer support

Our support system is top tier. We do our absolute best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours of receiving.

Verified tile flooring professionals

We have amazing testimonials to back our skill, along with professional certifications to verify our capability. Check out our Google reviews to see what people have had to say.

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Tile Flooring Installation FAQ's

How long does it take to install a standard 3x5x8 tile shower

Roughly speaking because you never know of any issues until they are discovered, a shower this size takes about a week or week and a half to complete from studs to suds.

Common Places to put Tile Flooring:

If you’re not looking to do your entire floor in tile some of the most common areas tend to be in the kitchen, bathrooms, foyers, sunrooms as well as other high traffic areas or potential wet areas.

What is the best way to maintain the color of your grout:

First of all you want to let your grout fully cure (about 24-48hrs) and then you apply a penetrating sealant and wait 5 minutes or so depending on temperature and humidity. After five minutes, wipe the excess off of the tiles and apply a second coat. Once you do the same for the second coat your tile should shine like new for years to come!

Is it smart to cut the price and go with the cheaper tile:

In my professional opinion, NO! But we absolutely understand there are different budgets for different projects, so I'll leave you with this. If you are on a tight budget for a tile project it would be smarter to cut costs on the product than on the installer. Although the quality and precision of your product may vary, a quality and trusted installer will never disappoint!

What is the longevity and durability like on our installs:

our installations are 100% guaranteed for installer mishap/error for life, and as far as the quality of workmanship,

What is the best cleaner for tile and grout stains:

I prefer to use TILELab® Sulfamic Acid Cleaner for any tough water stains or crystal build up, this has given me the best results on some of the toughest stains.


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